"Aphelion" who is still my most popular sculpture: http://scenceable.deviantart.com/art/Aphelion-209979876, and how he came to be.

I made him in May/June 2011, and happened to be at my gramma’s cottage when he was done so brought him to take some photos. I had never really done outdoor photos so just wandered around plopping him down wherever. 

The person who bought Aphelion on ebay started contacting me back and forth because his horns broke in shipping, which sucked (but was worked out) and through that we got to chatting about sculpting and became really good friends. Like I road tripped to her house and stayed for a week type of friends. She now owns I think 5 of my kirins? And I got to see him again when I was visiting her last August which was cool. 

So here he is, from sketch to the more famous log photo. :)

(Aphelion is a polymer clay sculpture, made over a wire frame, painted in acrylic with cashmere goat fur for hair. He’s about 8 inches tall and 11 inches long)