From Concept to Creation: Geren and The Defender (Summer 2011)

Geren and the Defender were a commission, and the first time I had really experimented with posing two sculptures on pegs together. It was an interesting challenge and I like how they turned out. This was over two years ago so I admit there are many things I would do differently (I no longer use the coloured superflex clay) but they were definitely a milestone piece for me in terms of my development as an artist. I had fun lying down on my belly in the park taking photos of them, I think the parents at the playground were a bit confused though!

Each horse had a body length of about 4 inches long, so the entire thing was about a foot tall. Made from polymer clay over wire and foil, rocks and moss in the base, mohair and acrylic paint on the horses. The horses were both removable from the base.